Spiritual/Global Psychology is a growing body of theory and practice, which honors and includes the spiritual dimension as central to human existence, healing, and growth. This inclusive framework has been developed and taught over the past fifteen years by Thomas Yeomans, founder of the Concord Institute. This framework provides insight and guidance regarding the psycho-spiritual development of individuals, groups, organizations within a planetary context. It embraces the various dimensions of human experience – physical, psychological, spiritual, social – and studies their interplay as it affects growth and transformation.

Spiritual/Global Psychology has many roots of which Psychosynthesis is a central one. First formulated in 1910 by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli and gradually developed over the last ninety-five years in Europe and North America, Psychosynthesis is based on principles that can be used to understand, and work with, both the micro- dynamics of individual development and the macro-dynamics of social evolution. It draws on both eastern and western thought to describe the process by which the Spiritual Self gradually develops, re-organizes, heals, and eventually infuses the personality and personal/social life. Other roots of Spiritual/Global Psychology include the fields of Existential, Humanistic, and Transpersonal Psychology, Psychoanalytic and Analytic Psychology, Systems Theory, Eastern Spiritual Psychologies, particularly Buddhism, and teachings from traditional cultures, particularly the Native American.    (Written by Bill Shields)

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